Boise, Idaho – USA

Boise, Idaho might be an unusual choice for our first United States destination considering all the other possible digital nomad locations the USA offers. 
Boise Downtown At Dusk, The State Capital Of Idaho

Boise, Idaho might be an unusual choice for our first United States destination considering all the other possible digital nomad locations the USA offers. 

Don’t let Boise’s obscure location fool you though – this mid-sized city offers a fun environment for Wander Lawyers looking to explore the Rocky Mountains. 

Boise competes with major locations such as Salt Lake City and Denver for travelers searching for alpine recreation and desirable climate. Boise boasts great weather, natural beauty, and access to world class outdoor activities including whitewater rafting, skiing, and camping. 

The state of Idaho makes Boise unique. Sitting at the intersection of the Pacific Northwest and the Intermountain West, Idaho has incredible scenery and a distinctly western attitude. As the largest city in the state, Boise had the benefit of offering metropolitan amenities with the flexible location of sitting just a 30 minute drive from natural rugged beauty. 

Boise’s natural geography offers the main attractions. Flowing through the middle of town, is the Boise River, a tributary to the Snake River which stretches across the state. During the summer casual raters, tubers, and kayakers float down the Boise to escape the heat. If alpine activity is more of your scene, Boise sits at the bottom of the Rocky Mountain foothills. A 40 minute drive take you to Bogus Basin, the tallest nearby peak and ski resort during the winter. 

In addition to the unbeatable outdoor activities, Boise as a Metropolitan destination has grown significantly in a relatively short period of time. In the past 10 years, Boise has created a competitive tech startup community in large part due to the unaffordablility of other West Coast cities. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, tech founders and digital nomads were flocking from the West Coast to Boise to escape the crowds and high cost of living. 

As far as the cultural scene, Boise has an awesome mix of people who are mostly transplants from other areas which creates a natural digital nomad leaning. 

Boise is renown for its Basque population which were early pioneers to Idaho. Outside of Spain, Boise has the most concentrated Basque population in the world – and its own Basque cultural district called the “Basque Block” in the middle of the Downtown. 

The city, although small, offers plenty of hotels, boutique coffee shops, bars and restaurants which can accommodate Wander Lawyers.  Unlike larger metropolitan areas, though, Boise lacks a convenient public transportation so we recommend staying close to the Downtown area. 

Here is our WanderLawyer rating for Boise, Idaho: 

Accessibility 3/5 stars. 

Delicious food 2/5 stars. 

Affordability 3/5 stars. 

Work remote locations & internet access 3/5 stars. 

Weather 4/5 stars (unless you go in the Summer!) 

Friendliness 3/5 stars

Nightlife 3/5 stars

Vibe: 4/5 stars

Overall Score – 3/5 Stars 


Besides the Boise River and Bogus Basin, we suggest checking out Lucky Peak Reservoir, Idaho City, or Snake River Canyon for natural beauty. If you are car-less, then talk a walk down 8th street to check out Freak Alley, or rent a paddle board at Quinn’s Pond. Dont forget to check out the Wine Scene by taking a Sunny Slope Wine Tour just outside of town. 


We recommend Bittercreek or Red Feather for dinner, both offering locally created upscale pub plates and craft beer. Just a few blocks away, the Calle 75 offers delicious artisan tacos and cocktails. If you are exploring the neighborhoods, consider Tango’s on the Boise Bench for authentic Argentine Empanadas or Parrilla Grill in the North End.   


The Grove Hotel in downtown Boise offer the best lodging experience. For something a little different, stay at the Franklin House – a full service bed & breakfast with a beer garden for a backyard. 


The bars and clubs are clustered near the intersection of 6th and Main street. We suggest checking out Tom Graineys for casual mix between dive bar and club. If you’re looking for beer, Boise boast plenty of awesome breweries. Our favorites are Barbarian, Payette, White Dog and Lost Grove

Remote working locations

For coworking, check out the local non-profit Trailhead Boise which serves as the hub for the local startup ecosystem. Besides Trailhead, there’s also Wheelhouse, Office Evolution, and Regis. 


Boise does lack good transportation options. Although there is a bus system, it’s not very robust. If you do not want to rent a car, we suggest booking a hotel near downtown boise and renting a bike or electric scooter. 


Boise is an awesome place to spend a few weeks in the summer or winter, especially if you are looking for the perfect launch pad for outdoor recreation. However,  those not interested in exploring the mountains, may find Boise’s slower pace less exciting than larger cities . -WL 


Anthony Shallat

Anthony Shallat

Anthony Shallat is a digital nomad attorney and WanderLawyer co-founder. Anthony believes travel unlocks potential and opens minds. He’s been wandering and lawyering since 2014.