Laguna Beach & Dana Point, California

The name Laguna conjures up images of surf, beauty, and luxury.
Cave Opening To Beach

The name Laguna conjures up images of surf, beauty, and luxury. We found that the Laguna Beach and Dana Point area of Orange County lives up to its reputation as a beautiful, although expensive, destination. However, Laguna Beach has evolved to offer more than superficial vibes and now has become an artistic haven. Even more remarkable, we consider the beaches that stretch from Laguna Beach to Dana Point to be the most beautiful on the West Coast of the US, if not the Nation. This area should not be missed by digital nomads and Wander Lawyers alike, so long as you are willing to compromise affordability for beauty. 

Coworking Options

Project Social: Nestled in Dana Point, this coffee shop, brewery and restaurant has plenty of room for you to spread out and take care of business.  

The Boardroom: This is a unique concept blending coworking with a surf vibe. Located in nearby San Clemente, it’s a short drive from Dana Point. Work sessions can be interspersed with surf breaks, making it a fantastic spot for those who love to mix business with a touch of wave-based pleasure.

Laguna Coffee Company While not a traditional coworking space, this coffee shop in Laguna Beach has embraced the remote work community. Offering dedicated work and study areas along with artisanal brews, it’s a favorite spot for those who prefer a cafe-style work environment. The aroma of fresh coffee combined with the salty sea breeze? Perfection.


Here is our WanderLawyer Laguna Beach & Dana Point

Accessibility 2.5/5 stars. 

Delicious food 4/5 stars. 

Affordability 2/5 stars. 

Work remote locations & internet access 2/5 stars. 

Weather 5/5 stars 

Friendliness 4/5 stars

Nightlife 4/5 stars

Vibe: 5/5 stars

Overall Score – 3/5 Stars

Unveiling The Coastal Wonders: Laguna Beach & Dana Point


Navigating between Laguna Beach and Dana Point is a breezy affair, thanks to the coastal transportation options. The Summer Trolley Service, running from June to August, is a favorite among locals and visitors, offering free rides between neighborhoods. If you’re inclined towards sustainable transport, renting a bike is a picturesque way to explore the coastline, with dedicated paths ensuring a safe journey.

Exploring the Coastline:

If you can rent a car, do it. Spanning the Pacific Coast Highway, the stretch between Laguna Beach and Dana Point is a mesmerizing drive, with cliffs offering panoramic views of the azure Pacific waters. Each turn reveals a different hue of the ocean, hidden beach coves, and towering palm trees that sway with the sea breeze.


Accommodations in this area perfectly mirror its essence — a blend of luxury, art, and nature. We recommend 14 West Boutique hotels which offer modern suites complete with Kitchenettes and a community patio and BBQ. There’s also iconic Montage Laguna Beach, perched on the ocean bluff, embodying luxury. For those WanderLawyers looking for a more intimate experience, boutique inns like Casa Laguna or The Hideaway Dana Point offer charm, comfort, and coastal vibes. The stay might be pricier than other locations, but the morning views? Absolutely priceless.


Laguna Beach’s culinary scene is as diverse as its marine life. From beachfront dining spots like The Deck on Laguna Beach to the artsy Urth Caffé, there’s a delight for every palate. Dana Point, not to be outdone, offers seafood wonders. Restaurants such as The Harbor Grill and Wind & Sea boast fresh catches with exquisite harbor views.


The coastal vibes extend to the cafes, making them more than just coffee stops. In Laguna Beach, Laguna Coffee Company offers locally roasted beans and an artsy atmosphere, making it a hub for both work and relaxation. Another gem is the Orange Inn, one of Laguna’s oldest establishments, known for its fresh fruit smoothies and breakfast treats. Dana Point’s Coffee Importers is a quaint spot by the harbor, perfect for watching boats sail by as you sip on your latte.


As day turns to dusk, the nightlife in Laguna Beach and Dana Point comes alive. Skyloft in Laguna provides rooftop views with eclectic cocktails, while StillWater Spirits & Sounds in Dana Point promises live music and a lively atmosphere. For wine enthusiasts, McClain Cellars in Laguna Beach offers an array of sophisticated selections.

Arts & Culture:

Art pulses through the veins of Laguna Beach. The town is adorned with galleries like the Laguna Art Museum and the Festival of Arts. The annual Pageant of the Masters is a unique blend of art and theater that captivates every spectator. Over in Dana Point, the Ocean Institute beckons with its rich marine science and maritime exhibits.

Activities & Attractions:

The coast is a playground of adventures. Thousand Steps Beach, a hidden gem, invites with its golden sands and azure waves. Dana Point Harbor is a hub for marine adventures like sailing and paddleboarding. For those WanderLawyers with a passion for hiking, trails like Top of the World and Dana Point Headlands provide panoramic views.


Despite the cost and lack of workplaces and transportation options, Laguna Beach and Dana Point are worth checking out for the vibe and beauty. 


Anthony Shallat

Anthony Shallat

Anthony Shallat is a digital nomad attorney and WanderLawyer co-founder. Anthony believes travel unlocks potential and opens minds. He’s been wandering and lawyering since 2014.