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We took a trip to London Town this spring to check out the vibe, and were not disappointed.
London Uk Bankside

We took a trip to London Town this spring to check out the vibe, and were not disappointed. London is an absolute must for anyone who considers themselves a world traveler. Besides NYC, most people consider London the most robust financial capital of the western hemisphere. It’s also undoubtedly the gateway to Europe. 

With its huge population, world renown status, and multitude of activities, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by London. We therefore chose to focus only on the Bankside neighborhood in this blog post.  

Bankside sits on the southern bank of the Thames River in the London Borough of Southwark, and stretches from the London Eye to the Shard. Unlike SoHo, Bankside has a calmer vibe. And unlike Shoreditch, it still offers classic tourist attractions. 

The main attraction Bankside offers is the beautiful boardwalk/embarcado which stretches along the Thames. From this expansive path, pedestrians can easily walk across a footbridge to reach The City of London or Covent Garden. 

Along this boardwalk, pedestrians can pop into the Shakespeare Globe or The Clink prison museum. At the eastern end of the boardwalk sits the iconic Tower Bridge (which most people confuse as London Bridge). 

A trip to the Shard (tallest building in London) and Borough Market is a must. The Tate Museum of Modern Art also sits near the banks of the Thames and offers a lively artistic experience. 

Here is our WanderLawyer rating for London, Bankside: 

Accessibility 4.5/5 stars. 

Delicious food 5/5 stars. 

Affordability 2/5 stars. 

Work remote locations & internet access 5/5 stars. 

Weather 2.5/5 stars

Friendliness 2.5/5 stars

Nightlife 4.5/5 stars

Vibe 4/5 stars

Overall Score – 4/5 Stars 


We like all of the tourist attractions along the board walk including Shakespeare Globe Theater and The Clink. One attraction not to miss, is The Golden Hine a galleon ship captained by Francis Drake in his circumnavigation of the world between 1577 and 1580. 


You will find the best food in The Borough Market a wholesale and retail market hall in Southwark, London, England. It is one of the largest and oldest food markets in London, with a market on the site dating back to at least the 12th century. If you’re looking for a more authentic, hole-in-the-wall vibe, check out Lin’s Restaurant & Bar on Southwark St. 


For lodging, look no further than the Citizen M – Bankside. Citizen M kills it and the Bankside location is one of their best hotels. 


For nightlife, check out the bars in The Shard (London’s tallest skyscrapper). Inside The Shard is GONG a swanky cocktail bar with impressive views. Also worth a trip is Bar 31 on the ground floor. 

Remote working locations

Again, Citizen M – Bankside wins for best co-working spot. Although it’s only a hotel, Citizen M caters towards digital nomads and has many fantastic working nooks. 


London has great transportation options, but we recommend either taking The Tube to the Waterloo or Southwark station, or hoping in one of London’s famous Hackney Carriages (Black Cabs) – no trip to London is complete without this experience. 


Although London is one of the most expensive locations in the world, Bankside is more affordable than most London neighborhoods and its amenities and energy cannot be matched. For these reasons, London gets a nod from us! 


Anthony Shallat

Anthony Shallat

Anthony Shallat is a digital nomad attorney and WanderLawyer co-founder. Anthony believes travel unlocks potential and opens minds. He’s been wandering and lawyering since 2014.