WanderLawyer Travel Guide to Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, the vibrant capital of Taiwan, presents a fascinating blend of traditional culture.
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Overview: Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, the vibrant capital of Taiwan, presents a fascinating blend of traditional culture and modern metropolitan life. It is an emerging hotspot for digital nomads, particularly those in the legal profession seeking a unique blend of Eastern culture, technological advancement, and natural beauty. Taipei excels in offering a dynamic lifestyle, excellent food, and an efficient public transportation system, making it a strong contender for the best WanderLawyer location in East Asia.

We found Taipei to be just the right location for WanderLawyers looking for a modern international city but seeking an easier-going and more laid-back vibe than Hong Kong. Where Taipei excels is quality of life, inexpensive food and entertainment, and subtropical weather. Other perks include a very extensive and user-friendly public transit system, easy day trips, tons of interesting history and natural beauty, and a very friendly and welcoming culture!

However, for those yearning for a fast-paced location with all-night entertainment and amenities, Taipei may be too sleepy. We also could not find a decent 24/7 co-working space, so those working US hours should ensure their lodging has a strong internet connection and is suitable for work. Finally, although delicious culinary experiences can be found, they generally cost noticeably more than the average meal, so some travelers may find the food scene less exciting compared to other Asian cities of similar size. 

Overall, we would definitely recommend visiting Taipei for at least a week, but not extending your stay so long that you miss out on all the other amazing attractions Taiwan offers. 

WanderLawyer Rating for Taipei, Taiwan

  • Accessibility: 4.5/5 stars
  • Delicious food: 3/5 stars
  • Affordability: 4/5 stars
  • Work remote locations & internet access: 3/5 stars
  • Weather: 3.5/5 stars
  • Friendliness: 4/5 stars
  • Nightlife: 3/5 stars
  • Vibe: 3.5/5 stars
  • Overall Score: 3.5/5 Stars

Top Recommendations for Things to Do in Taipei:

  1. Visit Taipei 101: Once the world’s tallest building, it offers an unparalleled view of the city.
  2. Explore the Shilin Night Market: A haven for food lovers and a great place to experience local Taiwanese street food.
  3. Soak in the Beitou Hot Springs: Just a short MRT ride away, these natural hot springs are perfect for relaxation.
  4. Discover the National Palace Museum: Home to one of the largest collections of Chinese imperial artifacts.
  5. Walk through the historic streets of Jiufen: A beautiful old town, famously inspiring the movie ‘Spirited Away.’
  6. Hike Elephant Mountain: For a breathtaking view of the city skyline, especially at sunset.
  7. Enjoy the vibrant Ximending District: Known for its shopping, entertainment, and nightlife.

Food Recommendations:

  • Din Tai Fung: Famous for its xiao long bao (soup dumplings).
  • Shilin Night Market: Must-try includes oyster omelette and bubble tea.
  • Yongkang Street: Known for its diverse range of eateries, from traditional Taiwanese to international cuisines.
  • Addiction Aquatic Development: A high-end seafood market offering fresh sushi and seafood.


  • W Taipei: A luxurious choice with modern amenities, centrally located.
  • Hotel Eclat Taipei: Boutique luxury with a unique artistic flair.
  • Dandy Hotel – Daan Park Branch: Offers great value and overlooks the Daan Forest Park.
  • CityInn Hotel Plus – Ximending Branch: A budget-friendly option, close to major attractions.

Cafes and Nightlife:

  • The vibrant Da’an District: Known for its stylish cafes and relaxed ambiance.
  • Xinyi District: The go-to place for upscale bars and clubs.
  • Raohe Street Night Market: Offers a more local nightlife experience with a variety of street foods and small bars.

Coworking Options:

  • The Hive Taipei: A spacious and comfortable workspace located in the heart of the city.
  • CLBC Taipei: Offers a professional environment with great networking opportunities.
  • Makerbar Taipei: A unique space catering to creatives and makers.

Public Transportation:

Taipei’s MRT system is renowned for its efficiency and cleanliness, making it one of the best ways to navigate the city. You’ll also find an extensive bus network and affordable taxis. For longer distances, the High Speed Rail (HSR) connects Taipei with other major cities across Taiwan.

Bonus Category – Day Trips:

  • Visit Yehliu Geopark: Famous for its unique geological formations.
  • Houtong Cat Village: A paradise for cat lovers and photographers.
  • Hike in Yangmingshan National Park: Offers beautiful trails and hot springs.


Taipei is an excellent choice for digital nomad attorneys, offering a rich cultural experience, reliable infrastructure, and a welcoming environment. Its only downsides are the humid weather and lack of late night options, and sleepier vibe compared to other Southeast Asian cities. However, its unique charm, combined with a high quality of life, makes Taipei a good pick on our Asia list for remote work locations.

WanderLawyer Tips:Always carry an umbrella in Taipei; the weather can be quite unpredictable. And don’t miss out on the local tea culture – Taiwanese tea is exquisite!

Stay Wanderful, Fellow WanderLawyers!


Anthony Shallat

Anthony Shallat

Anthony Shallat is a digital nomad attorney and WanderLawyer co-founder. Anthony believes travel unlocks potential and opens minds. He’s been wandering and lawyering since 2014.